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App cloner Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked)

App Name App cloner Mod Apk
Publisher AppListo
Size 61.41 MB
Latest Version v2.15.4
UpdateJanuary 24, 2023
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Get it on Google Play
Download APK (61.41 MB)
  • App Cloner Premium MOD APK Full Unlocked
  • App Cloner MOD APK Premium Unlocked
  • App Cloner Premium Apk 100% Working
  • App Cloner Premium APK Full Unlocked
  • App Cloner Mod Apk + OLD Version + Latest Version

App cloner mod apk is a powerful tool to have on your phone. You can install the application on your phone and can use its one instance only at the moment. But have you ever wondered if you can use different instances of a single application on your phone? In simpler words, you can make copies of an application and use its different copies with different accounts on your phone. It is possible now because of an application. There are very few applications for this purpose on the market, but they don’t do their job well. There is an application that lets you do this seamlessly without any issues, and I have presented it to you.

App cloner mod apk is an application that lets you use instances of different social media applications on your phone. You can quickly and simultaneously use different accounts on different clones of social media applications on your phone. It is easy to use and works efficiently on your phone. It doesn’t require any additional sources. This application cloning wasn’t possible before, but it is possible now because of this application. It is a well-made application that you can use with ease.

The usage of this application is that it makes clones of the application you want to. It may be a social media application or any other kind of application. It can make its clone and makes it work. This is a very easy-to-use application because of its options and ease of use. No, matter what type of application it is. You can easily make its clone with this application.

App Cloner Premium MOD APK Full Unlocked
App Cloner Premium MOD APK Full Unlocked

Moreover, this application provides an environment to run safely that is isolated from the other instances it has. So, it is a very advanced application too. I can say that you haven’t seen this kind of application on the market.

What is app cloner?

As the name of the application suggests that it is an app cloner. This application does the purpose of cloning an application and creates another instance of the application to use another kind of account on the same application. It is a well-developed application that lets you do this. This application also provides the clone with an isolated environment to run so that other instances don’t interfere with it. Different clones can run differently, independent of one another. This application is a perfect application to have on your phone. It may sometimes or primarily come in handy if you have different accounts on a single application.

Features of App cloner

Clone any application

Have you ever wondered about using an application differently and often on the phone? In a way that you can run multiple instances of that application with different accounts. It was impossible before because android didn’t provide an isolated environment for applications to run. This application provides the clone application an isolated environment inside it to run independently from the phone such that the phone doesn’t know that any other application is running. It only knows that the app cloner is running. This way, you can quickly as many instances as you want for the application.


App Cloner MOD APK Premium Unlocked
App Cloner MOD APK Premium Unlocked

The application’s success depends upon an easy-to-use interface. This application is made user and privacy-oriented. The navigation on this application is made easy to understand and proceed with. You can easily clone an application in this app, as it has no other complex options. So, it is straightforward to use and run.

Stealth mode

This application has a stealth mode also. You would be aware of its security if you have many instances of an application running. Providing clones and letting you manage different accounts; this application also provides security for the clone to keep your clones locked. Passwords are kept secure in those clones to keep your privacy. So, this feature is app cloner mod apk is called stealth mode, and it keeps your content secure.

Tracking change option

Many applications capture your Android id for tracking your phone, and it lets them know the application is used on which phone and what kind of phone it is. This application has security against the tracking option of android. You can easily change your android id in a way that the applications cannot track you and won’t be able to know that you are cloning the original application. It is very secure to use and keeps your privacy in the clones more secure.

Media options

This application lets you control the media options inside a clone of the application as it handles all its permissions, such as mic and playback options. This application also focuses on privacy and gives you the real deal of the original application inside the console.

Privacy options

This application is more privacy-oriented and provides different privacy options in the clones to keep it secure and not interfere with the other applications. It is mainly an application that provides clone and privacy options.

What is App cloner mod apk?

App Cloner Premium Apk 100% Working
App Cloner Premium Apk 100% Working

It is the modded version of the application. This version provides its users with extra premium features that are free of cost and don’t make you pay charges.

Features of App cloner mod apk

Premium unlocked

The modded version of the application provides its users with premium unlocked. This premium unlock removes restrictions on app cloning and doesn’t limit the users in cloning apps. So, it is a good feature given free of cost.

No ads

The modded version of App cloner mod apk provides users with no ad experience. The most application provides ads in return for their services. These annoying ads make the user want the application less. So, the application asks for charges in return for removing ads. But this modded version of the application provides its users with no ad feature free of cost.

Clone any premium application

The original application didn’t let its users clone any premium applications. The mod version of App cloner mod apk lets its users clone the premium applications also.


App Cloner Premium APK Full Unlocked
App Cloner Premium APK Full Unlocked

App cloner mod apk is the best application to have. Suppose you have ever wondered or wanted to clone an application and use another account while running another account. Then you are in the right place. This application is just for you—download the App cloner mod apk for android from here.


  1. What is the primary purpose of this application?

It is used to clone a social application or any other application

  1. Is it safe to install the mod version?

Yes, it is entirely safe to install the mod version.

Download App cloner Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) v2.15.4.apk (61.41 MB)
4.0/5 (123 votes)

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