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Bhashyam Schools MOD APK (Latest Version/Free)

App Name Bhashyam Schools MOD APK
Publisher Digiclove
Size 8.5 MB
Latest Version v3.1.1
UpdateJanuary 24, 2023
MOD Info Latest Version/Free
Get it on Google Play
Download APK (8.5 MB)
  • Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk Download 
  • Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk Latest Version
Education is a right of everyone. There come obstacles for everyone pursuing education. To make education available to everyone, there are many applications and online platforms available. Most of these don’t provide quality education or get very expensive for the masses. An application believes in providing quality education for students up to very high standards. This application involves the students and their parents to help children get their education. Tracking and monitoring grades for children is also included in it. So, this app is called Bhashyam school MOD apk. This application is all about quality education delivered to children.

About Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk:

Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk is an education-providing application for children. It is developed by the Bhashyam education system. This application emphasizes the education of children and the monitoring of parents on their children’s grades. It provides detailed information about students to their parents. Bhashyam school app apk provides the parents with a grade sheet of their children to help them see where they lack and help them get back up. It is a very easy-to-use application for both parents and children. This app has no hidden charges, or anything users should be aware of.

Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk is an application aimed at providing children an excellent education. This application encourages the parents of these children to collaborate with the application so that they may get good grades and perform well in their education. It also provides the parents with a detailed timetable of their child to see what their child is being taught at which time. This application requires some permission to work actively. It also has an option of fee vouchers, so the parents can quickly pay the fees through this application.

Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk Download 
Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk Download

Suppose a parent has different children studying in the same school. In that case, they only have to log in to one application and see their children’s progress very quickly. This application eliminates the gap in parent and child connections in schools. This way, parents can actively help their children in their studies.


Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk is straightforward to use for parents. Opening the application, it welcomes the user to a welcome screen asking for login credentials. After logging in, the application shows the parent a dashboard about their child, the section, and the school. It presents the amount of homework with the transport amount. Below is a timetable for the children where parents see which subject is taught to them at which time. The main highlight below is the children’s attendance and how many absences they have. Then it shows the exam summary with percentages of the child’s exams. Upon inquiring about the timetable, it shows the extensive list for the whole week of the children with exact timings.

This application also offers comprehensive details of the child’s exam and how much they scored. Parents can also see the upcoming exams for their children quickly and help them prepare. It shows the detail about the child’s homework and if they have submitted it or not. This way, parents can know how the children perform in the classes. Detailed attendance for the children can also be seen by pressing the attendance section. The left drawer opens many options to select such as timetable, homework, transport, planner, and academic calendar for the children to know the start and end of the classes.

Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk Latest Version
Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk Latest Version

Comprehensive view

Bhashyam school app apk provides parents with a comprehensive view of their children’s school performance. It also provides a comprehensive view of children’s homework, attendance, and progress.

Detailed worksheet

Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk has an option of viewing their child’s detailed worksheet so they can see how many marks their child has and what areas the child lacks in.

Free of cost

Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk is free of cost application for monitoring their children. It has no hidden charges and does not ask for subscription fees. This free-of-cost application lessens the gap in communication between the children and parents.

Attendance Column

Bhashyam school app apk has an attendance column where parents can view detailed attendance. It shows an attendance report with the amount of present and absent. This app also offers which classes the student was absent in and where the student was present.


Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk shows the extensive timetable to parents about their children. This way, parents can know what class their child is attending at the right moment. This is very helpful as parents know what time their children will be off.

Academic Calendar

Bhashyam Schools MOD App has an academic calendar option. This shows the calendar for the children in which parents can know when will the next session start and the current session will end. What holidays will come in between? This helps the parents to plan things for their children.


  • Easy to use
  • Quality education
  • Attendance review
  • Mark sheet
  • Timetable
  • Planner
  • Exam schedule
  • Detailed report


There are many applications aimed at giving quality education to children. Still, they don’t fill the connection gap between parents and students. Bhashyam school app apk is an application that fills the void of the relationship between parents and children. This helps the child get better grades and perform well. So, download the Bhashyam Schools MOD Apk free here today.

Download Bhashyam Schools MOD APK (Latest Version/Free) v3.1.1.apk (8.5 MB)
4.5/5 (150 votes)

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