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Getting Over It MOD Apk (Unlocked/Menu)

App Name Getting Over It MOD Apk
Publisher Noodlecake
Size 118 MB
Latest Version v1.9.4
UpdateJanuary 24, 2023
MOD Info Unlocked/Menu
Get it on Google Play
Download APK (118 MB)
  • Getting Over It Mod Apk Giant Hammer
  • Getting Over It Mod Apk Download For Android
  • Getting Over It Mod Apk Latest Version
  • Download Getting Over It Mod Apk 2022
Love mountain climbing? Well, imagine being stuck in a pot from the lower half of your body, and the only thing you have is a sledgehammer. It doesn’t seem so fun now. Getting Over It MOD Apk with Bennett Foddy is a bizarrely addictive game where the player has to fluctuate the character’s movement using his sledgehammer. The game follows incredibly natural laws of physics, which makes this game super fun. This game, in general, and other games of the same kind are categorized as the most infuriating games since the game has no checkpoints and starts over whenever the character falls.


A game about rock climbing called Getting Over It MOD Apk with Bennett Foddy. When the game came out, it was well-liked and in high demand. In the game, you take on the identity of Diogenes, a man imprisoned on a colossal mountain hundreds of meters above the earth. He is imprisoned there with nothing but a pot and a Yosemite hammer. Both these tools are necessary for him to climb those tall mountains. Even though the game’s setting is still somewhat dangerous, the game does not fail to provide the players with endless fun. The game is open-ended, which means you can play this game forever.

Getting Over It Mod Apk Download For Android
Getting Over It Mod Apk Download For Android


While playing the game, you realize why it’s called the most annoyingly enjoyable game ever. The game contains philosophical quotes and comments on the screen while the storyteller is saying them. So whenever the character falls from a steep point, a sarcastic yet optimistic quote comes up on the screen to mock the player. These comments annoy the player and then laugh because of the undeniable sense of humor the game contains. Getting Over It MOD Apk is a game that challenges its players and keeps them hooked throughout the game with its uniqueness and strange theme.


Getting Over It Mod Apk Giant Hammer
Getting Over It Mod Apk Giant Hammer

Getting Over It MOD Apk with Bennett Foddy has extremely accurate physics. A hammer and a pot are provided at the start of the game; the player must use both tools and keep climbing the mountains simultaneously. But since the physics is accurate, the reactions are also timely and precise, making the game fun and tricky. Because of the preciseness, even the slightest nudge or a little push can take you from the topmost cliff to the bottom pit. As soon as that inevitable fall happens, losing your cool and getting frustrated is normal. Still, because of the extreme addictiveness of this, you will pick up your phone and continue playing again from the start.


Getting Over It MOD App has straightforward and easy-to-understand gameplay. The user gains control of the hammer to move up the hill. The hammer can be controlled using a joystick or touch on your android. Since the game follows realistic physics, the player must make calculated moves as the reactions to even a little nudge are incredibly accurate. Within a few tries, it gets effortless for the player to understand the game’s mechanism.

Using the hammer, the player balances the character stuck in the pot towards the top of the mountain by balancing the hammer to move and jump across the map full of hurdles and obstacles. The player has to be extremely cautious during the movements as there are no checkpoints, and the progress is never saved; hence, one wrong move can take the player to the beginning of the game.


This game will soon come up with a very cool feature that will let you customize maps. A player will be able to design their map with their obstacle course specifically designed to challenge themselves. Also, the personalized maps can be shared online for other players to experience. In the same way, a player can succumb through thousands of maps and choose whatever they find best and play on it.


Getting Over It Mod Apk Latest Version
Getting Over It Mod Apk Latest Version

This incredibly infuriating yet intriguing game has many things that make the player scream out of frustration. One of them is how the game never saves the player’s progress. So let us say we have climbed to the farthest and topmost point of the hill, but because of the slightest nudge, the character falls, and the game starts again. Your progress is never saved; the fun begins again every time a tumble happens.


A game with such realistic physics is not easy to conquer. The player must keep climbing in this open-ended game using the physical mechanism and knowledge of climbing. The player must balance the character using a sledgehammer and help him climb the mountains. Only, the character is stuck in a put with his hands glued to the hammer. It doesn’t seem so easy now, does it? Not only this but every time a fall happens, the game starts again, and the character is right back to where they started.


Getting Over It MOD Apk is a bizarre game with a simple task; the player must climb up the hill without tripping or falling. This game accurately follows the laws of physics, allowing the player to try different approaches and observe different results. A character is a half-naked man stuck in a pot with a hammer in his hands. The player can only move about with the help of the hammer. And because the game does not save any progress, after every fall, the game starts again, keeping the game highly annoying yet addictive.

Download Getting Over It MOD Apk (Unlocked/Menu) v1.9.4.apk (118 MB)
4.0/5 (123 votes)

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