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One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK (Unlimied Money/Power)

App Name One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK
Publisher Clickteam USA LLC
Size 72 MB
Latest Version v1.1.6
UpdateJanuary 24, 2023
MOD Info Unlimied Money/Power
Get it on Google Play
Download APK (72 MB)
  • One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK Unlimited Money
  • One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK Paid
  • One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK Download Full Version
  • One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK Unlimited Power
Do you like action-horror games? Are you looking for an action-filled adventure game? If so, One Night at flumpty’s MOD APK is an excellent pick for you. One Night at flumpty’s APK is one of the most well-known and scariest FNAF games. It has a similar objective to the older FNAF games, but with new animations, a new location, more features, more cams, and far more jump-scares if you mess up. If you’re seeking an action-horror, point-and-click, or survival game, One Night at Flumpty’s Apk is the ideal online game to play on our website. The game options contain a tonne of bizarre characters. Among the others, Flumpty is the most hazardous.
Flumpty is ruthless yet seems friendly and sweet, and he is waiting for the ideal opportunity to kill you. The game content of One Night at flumpty’s APK is engaging, easy to play, and contains components of magic. So, it is best suited for players who love joy and bravery. The astoundingly well-made graphics are the secret to this game’s popularity. The animation in the game is an evident addition to the overall theme. The best part is, it is free, so you don’t need any registration. So without wasting any time, download now and have fun!


In One Night on Flumpty’s MOD APK At first, you will be present inside a locked room. Flumpty (the main character) and his crew are not permitted to enter this room. The two electric doors are the only access. You’ll have to watch out for the camera’s display. You can close the door to your room while keeping an eye on the moving characters on the screen. Remember that the energy of the door is minimal. So, to save energy, you must have an intelligent plan for when and how to use it.

One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK Download Full Version
One Night at Flumpty’s MOD APK Download Full Version


The game’s main character is an egg called Flumpty. Despite having a nice and sweet look, Flumpty is an evil who enjoys playing games with other people’s lives.

The player takes on the role of a guard at a dark facility where Flumpty, a bloodthirsty egg, rules over everything. The main goal of One Night on Flumpty’s MOD APK is to avoid being discovered by wicked creatures and live until daylight while keeping an eye on everything happening with security cameras.

One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK Unlimited Money
One Night at Flumpty’s MOD APK Unlimited Money

However, Flumpty is not the only bad guy. He also has friends like The Redman, The Beaver, and Birthday Boy Blam. The Redman will begin at Cam 3 and generally start moving from 3 AM. If any of the cameras are malfunctioning, his red light makes them noisy so you can see where The Redman is. In addition, The Beaver is a figure seen reading a newspaper while using the restroom. He would put down the newspaper after 1:00 AM and fix his gaze on the camera. Observing the toilet paper running out slowly, you may estimate how long he was gone.


After spotting enemies in the adjacent rooms, the player can set off some traps or immediately flee. The game’s gameplay is very similar to the original. The ridiculous characters and surroundings are present, nevertheless. Playing One Night on Flumpty’s APK is fun and captivating! Download from our website to play the newest and most well-liked horror game!

One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK Unlimited Power
One Night at Flumpty’s MOD APK Unlimited Power

But there is some intriguing gambling stuff in One Night on Flumpty’s Apk. It’s like a hide and seeks game where players must rush from location to location to avoid coming across ill guys and attempting to murder them. It requires you to use various tools and objects in different places while taking precautions.

Your job is to shut the door firmly and watch the security camera until six in the morning to survive this game. There are seven cameras, and you must keep an eye out for Flumpty’s moves in each one and destroy him without coming into contact.

Do you think you can survive One Night as a security guard in the presence of monsters? If yes, download One Night on Flumpty’s MOD APK and become a hero.


One Night at Flumpty’s MOD Apk features the primary colors of black and purple in a 2D cartoon design. They don’t seem frightening at first sight, and Flumpty is cute. However, you’ll think differently after spending a dreadful night in a gloomy, lonely room with some scattered things.

The gamers will think they are witnessing a horror film with a simple sound but an overwhelming appearance followed by frame transition.

Conclusion of One Night on Flumpty’s MOD Apk:

One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK Paid
One Night at Flumpty’s MOD APK Paid

In the survival game One Night on Flumpty’s MOD APK, you may have to hide from dangerous creatures. The game has unique creatures and killers for each level. To access additional game features and tools, you must level up. You must shut the door firmly and keep your eyes glued to the surveillance camera until half-past ten to win this game. There are seven cameras, and you must watch the film’s motion in each one to stop it without touching it again

Enjoy extremely versatile gaming experiences incorporating horror, action, and excitement by downloading One Night at Flumpty’s APK. The newest horror game, One Night at Flumpty’s, offers six hours of terrifying gameplay. You may get the Apk version of this game for nothing, using the link given in this article.


Download One Night at Flumpty's MOD APK (Unlimied Money/Power) v1.1.6.apk (72 MB)
4.5/5 (150 votes)

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