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SNKRX MOD APK (Fully Paid/Unlocked)

Publisher mazette!
Size 62 MB
Latest Version v1.26
UpdateJanuary 24, 2023
MOD Info Fully Paid/Unlocked
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Download APK (62 MB)
  • SNKRX MOD APK Unlocked For Android
  • SNKRX MOD APK Patched/Fully Paid
  • SNKRX MOD APK Download Latest Version

Are you looking for an exciting arcade shooter game that gives you fun moments? If so, SNKRX MOD Apk is a perfect pick for you. SNKRX APK is an arcade shooter in which you control a snake of various heroes, each with its own set of attacks, passives, and classes. Each hero in the snake has many categories inspired by the automatic battle genre, and grouping sufficient heroes from the same type together gives you extra rewards. When you buy copies of heroes from the shop, you can also upgrade them to make them stronger. The best part is, it is free, so you don’t need to register. So, download now on your Android device without wasting time and have fun!

How to play SNKRX MOD Apk?

To play SNKRX MOD Apk, you must control your snake until it is caught and killed. It has several characters, each with specific qualities influencing how it moves through different environments. Collect gold in the arenas while avoiding attacks by opponents to unlock exciting benefits. Obtain significant achievements, complete all levels, and use the tools to overcome obstacles!

SNKRX MOD APK Unlocked For Android
SNKRX MOD APK Unlocked For Android

In SNKRX APK, the player will have control over a chain of squares in various colors. Each square represents a different hero with unique skills that will aid in breaking the defenses of the opponents in the arena. The player needs to appropriately direct the heroes during battle so they can automatically attack the enemies when they are around. To make fights more effective, the player must constantly upgrade their characters.

To move fast, control your snake.

You will handle a lengthy snake that automatically fires bullets to destroy opponents. In SNKRX MOD Apk you can choose from over 40 different heroes to build your mighty snake. Each snake hero will have a separate class; your task is to combine enough heroes from the same category to obtain the rewards. Based on your control, your snake will roll here or there, automatically destroying opponents in its power-affected spot.

SNKRX MOD APK Patched/Fully Paid
SNKRX MOD APK Patched/Fully Paid

Enemies outside will discover ways to shoot down the color and damage your snake. Direct your snake to move fast and effectively avoid the attack. The surrounding opponents also show the blood bar on the screen. As a result, you can quickly determine your opponent’s strength and gather other heroes of the same level to lengthen the snake.

Control in your range

The game’s loop is easy to apprehend as you merge multiple heroes to get exciting prizes and make your unique structures. Players can dig two stages: the arena and the store. When you first start to play, you will get gold to spend on heroes, each representing a segment of the snake’s body.

Each hero has a different price depending on rareness and practical fighting ability; the greater the price, the better the fighting potential. SNKRX MOD Apk has installed a snake with excellent fighting skills, which you will bring to the arena and control with the arrow keys. Let’s go to an area with many active opponents and get closer to getting your attack more powerful.

Kill as many monsters in your direction.

Aside from fighting, players must remember the different types of heroic units in their class. Each hero has one to three categories, and you will get numerous gifts as you buy more units of the same hero. There are multiple units of the same kind, which also significantly impact the player’s wins or losses.

SNKRX MOD APK Download Latest Version
SNKRX MOD APK Download Latest Version

Many rogues will strike opponents with critical hits when doing damage at crucial points. Mage will assist you in destroying opponents more swiftly after they reduce the opponents’ defense. You are responsible for leading the heroes you assemble into the shape of a snake as they attack numerous opponents across 25 SNKRX MOD Apk arenas. You can select from three distinct units at once and purchase more with the gold you earn.

Make a snake that is as long as possible.

Your snake can grow to a length of 7 units and reach a maximum size of 12 at the highest level by defeating opponents. You must finish the tasks in the gold-level arenas to purchase heroes in the store. When you buy more copies of the same hero, you support them and increase their strength further. Additionally, there are more than 40 items that you can use to give your snake strong power. SNKRX MOD Apk has introduced a double-tap to let you choose passives and upgrade things.

You won’t get bored playing the game’s more than 25 exceedingly challenging levels. For the best performance, supplement your snake by giving it stat boosts from more than 12 classes. The music for Kubbi’s basic graphics and enjoyable sound will encourage players to concentrate on fighting more opponents.

You can prove your abilities to kill and avoid opponents by playing shooting video games. Killing your opponents will earn you a lot of gold, which you can use to purchase the newest hero units. You encounter simple but no less thrilling things in SNKRX. Bring the most enjoyable gaming experiences to yourself by engaging in a mock battle arena.SNKRX MOD Apk


SNKRX MOD Apk is a bright-colored yet easy-to-play game that converts the classic snake game into a rogue-lite arcade shooter. Players must destroy as many opponents as possible to get extra bonuses. So download right away on your smartphones and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Download SNKRX MOD APK (Fully Paid/Unlocked) v1.26.apk (62 MB)
4.5/5 (145 votes)

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